Motor Specs

Motor Updated November 2012, Upgraded Mid 2014

2012 proved to be an unqualified success, setting 2 records, one that may never be topped, except that we do not feel the ‘Bad Bird’ ran to our M2 Team expectations. It became imperative in the second half of the year that we upgrade our motor program to get us to the next level of Land Speed Racing. This special race car received it’s radically upgraded motor this past week
Additionally, new “Aero” features have been added to the body of the car, unnoticeable to even the trained professional eye


Floyd Cochran Racing Enhancements, Fallon, Nevada, performed his miracles on the Yates C3 Heads, using his professional skills, flow bench, and 'Clean Room'. Flows increased significantly on the exhaust side, and on the intake, while increasing velocity. With his ‘Clean Room’, an absolute must in this age of high horsepower motor building, gaining perhaps an additional 100 HP at the rear wheels 

Floyd then turned the motor over to the capable hands of Mike Hughes, owner of Hughes Machine in Fallon, Nevada. This newly upgraded package, including upgrading the Jesel valve train components, new Clevite Bearings, Total Seal Piston Rings, and the build items shown below that were already installed in the motor, will take us to another level not seen in this car in its long history of Land Speed Racing

Naturally Aspirated, No Engine Management Systems or Computer Controls

358ci Penske Nascar Sprint Cup Block, Yates C3 Heads, Jesel Rocker Shaft Setup

Bryant Crank, Carillo Rods, CP Custom Pistons 4.040” bore 1.225 CH 15:1 Comp Ratio

Comp Cams Solid Roller Cam, 288/281@ .050 112 lsa .776 Valve Lift, 1.60 Rocker Ratio, Solid Roller Lifters

CV Products Titanium Retainers/CV Products Super 7 Captive Valve Locks

Titanium 2.100” Exhaust Valves/Titanium 1.640” Intake Valves

CAD Specially Fabricated Intake

2 Pro Systems 950 HP Carburetors/Flowing 836cfm each

Enderle Dual Throttle Linkage

ICE Ignition System/Ignition Box/9MM Plug Wires

NKG V-Power Racing Spark Plugs

C&R Racing Radiator/Remote Oil Filter Mount

FelPro  Gaskets

 All ARP Hardware

Weaver 5 Stage Dry Sump System

 Quarter Master Clutch/Starter

 Aluminum Bellhousing/SFI Scattershield

 Nascar Spec Pulleys/Hydraulic Lines/Accessories/Fuel Pump/PS Setup

Jet-Hot Coated Nascar Spec. Ford Racing Tri-Y Headers/Nascar Spec. ‘X’ Exhaust System

Jet-Hot Coated Carb Hood Scoop and Valve Covers

Nascar Spec. Ford Racing Full Floating Rear End

With The Expected Additional 100 HP From The Higher Air Flow Numbers On The Yates C3 Heads, Our Motor Dyno Simulation Program Shows Well In Excess Of 900HP At The Rear Wheels

 Upcoming Scheduled Dyno Sessions Should Show Even Higher Results As Our Tuning ‘Guru’ Fine Tunes The Motor

Transmission Is An 'As New' G Force GF4A, Built To Take The Forces Realized In High Speed Racing Events




















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