April 24th, 2015

The Maxx2Racing Team welcomes TriboDyn Performance Lubricants with their new 
line of TriboDyn High Performance Racing Lubricants as our new ‘official’ 
Engine Oils-Gear Oils-Lube & Grease Products sponsor to our growing family
of top rated companies that continue to support our team concept, adding to
our sponsorship list from across the U.S and the globe.

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Visit the TriboDyn Website for their full product line, including their ‘new’ line of motor oils,
or to contact them directly

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Best in Class/UNLIMITED 2018 Sacramento Autorama Show

2016 "Award of Excellence" Goodguys
27th Annual Get-Together

Best in Class/UNLIMITED 
2016 Sacramento Autorama Show

2015 TriboDyn Performance Lubricants SEMA Show 
'Feature' Vehicle

2015 SEMA Show Battle of the Builders top 200 Finalist

2013 Covercraft SEMA Show 'Feature' Vehicle

The Maxx2Racing Team
The Maxx2Racing Team 'Bad Bird' LSR 1997 Nascar Superspeedway Ford T-bird

Dedicated To The Motorsport Of Land Speed Racing

We expect nothing short of our goal, that being, the 'top speed mark' for a Nascar Bodied Car at the Famed Bonneville Salt Flats

 The 'Bad Bird' Featured At The 2011 SEMA Show

Thanks To All Who Support Our 'Team' Concept. 

Some 'Record Setting' Highlights To Date

David Haas, driving the car at the June 2012 Mojave Magnum 1.5 Mile Event, runs 224.9 MPH, easily topping his record for a Nascar Bodied Car

David Haas, driving the car at the April 2012 Inaugural Wilmington Ohio Mile, sets the AA/GCT Record of 202.7 MPH

Wilmington Ohio ECTA Mile Video

The Maxx2Racing Team Honors Our Sponsors and Special Contributors

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*Video is approx. 8 minutes in length (Full View is awesome)*


Six Records, Four of those with famed Land Speed Racing Driver David
Haas setting records for most 200 MPH Clubs in Land Speed Racing.
SEMA Show accolades, over 53,000 hits on the website.

How can we top this past two years? We like to refer to it as ‘The Assault On

The Salt’, a reference used by many LSR race car teams over the years

David is now in the record books with Ten (10) LSR 200 MPH Clubs

The Maxx2Racing Team Is featured World-Wide on WorldNewsVine


 David Haas Enters His Sixth 200 Club Running 202.4 In The Mojave Mile Standing Start Event, April 2011

July 2011 LTA Loring, Maine Land Speed Racing Event. David Haas Sets The C/GCT Record At 208.5 MPH

   2011 Point Imaging SEMA Show Product Demonstration Feature Vehicle

Mojave Magnum LSA/Nascar Bodied Car Records/224.9 MPH

LTA  Loring, Maine C/GCT Record Holder/208.490 MPH

AA/GCT Maxton Mile, NC Record Holder/205.886 MPH

Wilmington Mile, AA/GCT Record/202.7

Mojave Mile Nascar Bodied Car Record/202.4 MPH

  Mojave Mile Land Speed Auto 1st Place/April 2011

You Can Be A Part Of This Thrilling Motorsports Adventure

Will your company be added to the list of Maxx2Racing Sponsors?'

Can We Say "Media Attention" Second To None

The Maxx2Racing Sponsor's Corner

This special section features our ‘Corporate’ sponsors, suppliers, and special contributors, including the Maxx2Racing Team crew and support members. This is on a rotational basis, with many sponsored for two full weeks, others one full week. Once the rotation is complete, our sponsors will again be featured with new updates for their companies, with an emphasis on product development, plus new features of their particular automotive fields

Stay Tuned!

LTA Loring, Maine Event

Inaugural Wilmington, Ohio ECTA Mile Event

Maxx2Racing Team Members at the 2011 SEMA Show

 MKM Mojave Mile Event

Have a racing budget that you desire to expand into multiple Racing Venues, including Top End Car Shows, Autocross-Rally-Land Speed Racing Events. We offer your company various levels of sponsorship to suit those needs. Hesitate, and your company could lose out on one of the greatest achievements ever offered.

Your company and your products are included in our Press Releases and Update Announcements, which are “Featured” on multiple auto racing and Auto related websites/Social media sites, and National and Worldwide recognition on


The list now has surpassed 50 (And counting) multiple auto racing and Auto related websites/Social media sites

“Featuring” Your Companies


Engine Bay Photo as the car was wrapped at the 2011 SEMA Show.

WorldNewsVine photographed the process from beginning to end, with the crowd attention overwhelming

The Maxx2Racing Team ’99 Firebird Pro Touring-LSR Car,
the 2013 Covercraft SEMA Show Feature Vehicle




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Nascar Bodied Land Speed Racing Cars

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 2015 SEMA Show, showing the Redline Lumtronix LED Multi Colored Lighting Behind the Jet-Hot Coated Stainless Steel Lower Grillwork.

2016 Sacramento Autorama Show.

The Maxx2Racing Team welcomed

SRI Performance

to our growing list of sponsors.

Indeed an 'Honor'.


























































































View Pictures and Videos of the event at the link below-

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